Every Day, Bloom.


Dear Journal and friends,

Today, I turned 30! What, what!! ... And ... I wrote myself a book!!

Ok. Technically, I wrote it for anyone who needs it, but it was a labor of love born out of my own need for self-care reminders and positive affirmations when doing hard, emotionally draining, but necessary "woke" work. I'm so excited to finally share it with the world.

Over the course of the last five years, I attended and graduated law school and started a career as a social change creative and entrepreneur. During that time, I found myself journaling every time the world went tits up again with some story that reminded me of all the work we have ahead to overcome the darkness of racism and bigotry in this country. In the beginning, it was just about penning my thoughts, so that I could move through the emotions and get to a place where I could articulate my perspective as clearly as possible when the time came. However, it became clear to me that putting my negative thoughts and frustrations on paper was only solving half the problem. I needed to replace those emotion with something positive and affirming in order to authentically move through what I was feeling. To achieve this, I began writing self-care notes and positive affirmations at the end of each journal entry to remind myself of the power I had in any situation. It has been the most helpful exercise and is directly responsible for any and all decisions I've made in regard to reprioritizing how I can approach this work from an authentic place.

Any time I shared this practice of mine with someone else, the conversation never ended without them suggesting that I compile all of these notes and affirmations into a book for others to use. I've always pushed that notion aside. Who on earth would care about my little mantras of self-care and affirmations? Yet, I couldn't seem to shake the idea lately. So I did it. Terrified, but driven by a deep need to share it. I put them all in a book. It's minimal and simple, but it is filled with my heart for self-care, self-love, and self-affirmation.


I wrote this book because I needed it. Honestly. I loved the idea of having all of these notes and affirmations in one place, instead of being scattered amongst a dozen notebooks that span years of my ramblings. I wanted the ability to go to one place and be reminded of my hope, strength, courage, and conviction. I also know that I have not run across anything that speaks to the heaviness that comes with doing work that puts you in direct conflict with those who have power to deny your equality in the smallest of ways. I wanted to fill that void. So I wrote this book for me. But I also wrote this book for you.

Doing the heavy lifting is honorable and necessary work. And it can come at high costs, if you don't establish a system that protects you as much as you want to protect others from unjust harm. Some of us are decent at doing so. Some of us aren't. Many of us fall in the middle. That is why we have to be intentional about sowing those seeds of positivity into our lives so that we may bloom.

No matter what anyone says. We are entitled to bloom. Even in the urgency of injustice. Even in the midst of social unfairness. Even in the presence of those most resistant to change. We are entitled to bloom. 

I seriously cannot wait to share this piece of my heart with you all next week. Be on the lookout for details about the book pre-sale that starts Monday, May 14th. I'll also be sharing details about other resources I've been working on during my first month away.

Until then, remember that you are entitled to bloom every single day. Every day, bloom.

- L.