Hey there! it's me! L. Glenise Pike!

Just call me L. I am a writer, photographer, law school graduate, and connoisseur of all things Black Girl Magic. I celebrate black women every change I get. I'm not kidding. Every chance. Why? Because we deserve it. *flips hair*

My inspiration live at the intersections of creativity, storytelling, and human connection. I explore those in front of and behind the camera. 

I live in Denver, CO with my husband, Levi. He's a cutie. You can meet him here. We love living near the Rocky Mountains and spend our weekends (and sometimes weekdays) hiking, camping, and jumping into hot springs.

Stevie Wonder is my musical hero. Leon Bridges is a close second. When I'm not jamming out to either one of them, you can find me singing YouTube Karaoke in front of my bathroom mirror. Or binge watching Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, or New Girl on Netflix. (Don't judge me).